Greetings from CEO

Hello, We are Q-fitter!

Your life partner in drug development path!

We are proud to announce the establishment of our new company, Q-fitter Inc. Our professionals are dedicated to help you through the drug development process. Our job is to perform a high quality pharmacometric analysis-the use of modeling and simulation that quantifies drug, disease and trial information to support efficient drug development and regulatory decisions-and provide clinical services to support the management of early phase clinical trial.

As a collaboration platform between academia and industry, Q-fitter has experiences and experts from both sides. We aim for excellence in service and we are capable of providing one. As you may know there is emerging recognition on the importance of pharmacometrics approach on trial planning by the regulatory agencies. We use this methodology to help you make assessment decisions in drug development – Is this investigational product a quick-win or fast-fail?

We want to be your One-Stop Win center in Asia located in Seoul, South Korea. We offer our services to companies of all sizes, from small to mid-size biopharmaceuticals to multinational pharmaceutical companies. We hope to be your trustworthy companion on the path to success.

Sangil Jeon, CEO