What is M&S?

Modeling and simulation is a powerful applied science tool used in pharmacometric analysis. This analysis determines the pharmacokinetic characteristics and pharmacokinetic parameters of a given compound. Such parameters include Cmax, Tmax, CL, AUC, half-life, Vd and many other.

Integrated data set is built from data collected from pre-clinical studies, clinical studies, literature reviews and competitor drug information. Based on these integrated data set sophisticated PK software programs are used by pharmacometricians to create mathematical model that best describes the data, identifying quantitative characteristics of a given compound. Models explains what is known about the compound and gives insight on drug exposure (connecting concentration over time) and drug response (connecting effect over concentration).

This quantitative information acquired about the compound is then used for a simulation step giving insight to drug developers to make strategic decisions on how to design next step.

Our Expertise

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